New Article Accepted to Cities Journal

Mitchell Reardon and Nordregio's Ryan Weber have had a peer-reviewed article accepted by Cities journal! The forthcoming article explores connections between Stockholm's eco-district development and growth in the regional cleantech sector. This article illustrates how, when considered holistically, urban development projects can be used to build more than just buildings! Read a blog version of the article here .Continue Reading →

Nordbygg Ecoforum: Video of Mitchell Reardon’s Talk

Back from Stockholm, Sweden, Mitchell Reardon's Ecoforum talk Sharing Ideas, Staying Great: Strengths, Parallels in Storytelling in Stockholm & Vancouver is available to stream. Interested in what the cities have in common? Or the value of public engagement in growing cities? Have a look!Continue Reading →

Better Together: Holistic Urbanism

Our friends at LVBL City recently invited Mitchell Reardon to make the case for enhanced city-making through holistic urbanism. Founded by three generalists - a systems engineer, an architect/planner & a planner/researcher, and having cooperated with artists, designers and a range of engineers, Metropolitan Collective strives to integrate city-making fields on a daily basis. We are also continually inspired by the activities of a diversity of city-dwellers and make every effort to see our work through the eyes of the people who will use, shape and rethink our projects. Check out the article here:…Continue Reading →

Nordbygg Ecoforum: Parallels & Opportunities for Stockholm & Vancouver Urbanism

Metropolitan Collective is happy to announce that Mitchell Reardon will be speaking at the Nordbygg Ecoforum in Stockholm, Sweden on April 22nd. From eco-districts to engagement, transportation to the temporary, Mitchell will reflect on his professional and personal experiences in Vancouver and Stockholm, discussing each city's strengths, their parallels and what they can learn from each other, through the lens of holistic urbanism. A big thank you to community, art and urbanism hub Färgfabriken for the invitation. The Ecoforum will take place April 22nd and 23rd, we hope to see you there!Continue Reading →

Pacific Pyramids – Metropolitan Collective’s Proposal for Robson Redux

We're proud to present Pacific Pyramids, our proposal for Vancouver's premiere pop-up public space competition, Robson Redux. True to Metropolitan Collective's holistic urbanism concept, the team included a landscape architect, architect, civil engineer, mechanical engineer and artist. Pacific Pyramids takes a globally renowned form and creates a social experience that fosters connections and encourages people to engage and influence our urban habitat. Inspired by the site’s surroundings, the modular and scalable installation, built from wooden pallets and other sustainable and reusable materials, champions the urban setting while reflecting Vancouver’s impressive mountain landscape. Contextually sensitive…Continue Reading →

Exploring Connections Between the Built Form and Mental Health

Metropolitan Collective and Wellspring Strategies have been contracted by the Public Health Agency of Canada to survey research on how the built environments of cities influence our mental health. The project aims to  identify contemporary research trends developments in this emerging aspect of urban studies. In doing so, a stronger understanding of this cross-cutting urban issue will be achieved - a step towards holistic urbanism.Continue Reading →

Metropolitan Collective Hosts Urban Film Night

Together with our friends at Färgfabriken and LVBL City, Metropolitan Collective celebrated people-first urbanism through film. Hosted by Mitchell Reardon, the evening included a range of inspirational films from Vancouver, Amsterdam, Stockholm and a number of cities around the world. The many visitors at the full-house event were also treated to an excellent panel from leading Stockholm urbanists, Katarina Fredrika, Alexander Ståhle & Daniel Firth. Thanks to the diverse group who attended and to Färgfabriken for generously offering their space for the evening. For more info see here:  Continue Reading →