Measuring Eco-District Development & Cleantech Growth

Being green makes dollars and sense. Next City interviewed Mitchell Reardon about he and Ryan Weber's project seeking to measure and connect eco-district development and regional cleantech growth in Stockholm. We look forward to exploring this topic in other cities! Read the article here!Continue Reading →

Reflections on Experiment Stockholm

Over the past decade, Färgfabriken has become an important platform for Stockholm urbanism as hosts of Stockholm at Large and Stockholm on the Move. On Tuesday, November 24, the third major exhibition, Experiment Stockholm, wrapped up after an intense two month program. Mitchell Reardon was there to reflect on the exhibition and developments in the city.Continue Reading →

Community Sharing Port Workshop

Fostering collaboration in China, Metropolitan Collective's Sebastien Goethals is running a rapid design workshop with students from Qingdao University, in partnership with the City of Qingdao. The aim of the workshop is to reimagine the city's relationship with its port through design and policy, and to position itself as a global hub in the knowledge economy. Find out more here.Continue Reading →

Community Sharing Ports – A Valuable Opportunity for Waterfront Cities

Metropolitan Collective's Sebastien Goethals is at ISOCARP 2015 to present a vision for the evolution of how ports interact with their cities and the global economy. This work, part of the Port-City Interface Workshop highlights the potential to integrate the knowledge economy, urban aquaculture and agriculture, and flexible co-working spaces that are connected with port infrastructures and post-industrial waterfronts. Check out Metropolitan Collective and Citilinks' work on the Port of Qingdao, China to see the Community Sharing Port's potential. .Continue Reading →

Eco-district & Cleantech Innovation Article Now Available on Cities Journal

Mitchell Reardon and Nordregio’s Ryan Weber have a new article Do eco-districts support the regional growth of cleantech firms? Notes from Stockholm available from Cities: The International Journal of Urban Policy and Planning. The article explores connections between Stockholm's eco-district development and growth in the regional cleantech sector. Using both quantitative and qualitative approaches, it found that in Stockholm, eco-districts like Hammarby Sjöstad and Stockholm Royal Seaport had contributed significantly to cleantech development in the Stockholm Region. The article is open access.Continue Reading →

Stockholm Poverty & Social Exclusion article to be published in Local Economy journal

Mitchell Reardon and Nordregio's Christian Dymen have had a peer-reviewed article accepted to Local Economy journal! The article deals with poverty & social exclusion in the suburbs of Stockholm. Hardly limited to one of Europe's strongest welfare states, the article is also relevant to North American cities, where wealthy urban cores and have-not suburbs are on the rise. Read a preliminary version of the article, published in Nordregio News, here.Continue Reading →