Alley Transformation through Tactical Urbanism

In Vancouver and looking for some city fun this summer? Join the Vancouver Public Space Network and Metropolitan Collective for Laneway Living Rooms! Supported by the City of Vancouver and VIVA Vancouver, Grandma's House and Backyard BBQ will be testing how we can transform alleys in Vancouver into places for people. Following up on Metropolitan Collective's previous interventions for Car Free Day, join us for some tactical urbanism fun and see how we can make our cities places of joy, without breaking the bank!Continue Reading →

Tactical Urbanism on Car Free Day in Vancouver

Metropolitan Collective's recent tactical urbanism initiative will be on display at Main Street Car Free Day in Vancouver. Joining the British Columbia Cycling Coalition and Streets 4 Everyone, Metropolitan Collective will contribute several benchlets for a pop-up complete street. Join us at 11th and Main for a fun car free day and see how tactical urbanism can be used to make happier, healthier and more appealing streetscapes!Continue Reading →

Members of the Collective Receive Greenest City Grant for Tactical Urbanism

Responding to the City of Vancouver's Greenest City Grant, Mitchell Reardon, Michael Manning and Randy Wetmore received a grant to build a series of benchlets for summer 2016. Consisting almost entirely of wooden pallets, the benchlets create seating and planter boxes in a fast, sustainable and cost-effective way. This tactical urbanism initiative will be piloted in Kitsilano, and in cooperation with local community gardens, several benches will be located along the Arbutus Corridor. Metropolitan Collective's benchlets use tactical urbanism to create fast, sustainable, cost-effective seating and gardens.Continue Reading →

A Successful Jane’s Walk

Celebrating Jane Jacob's 100th birthday, Metropolitan Collective's Jane's Walk - Ears on the Street - was a success. Acoustic ecology enabled the group to better understand their surroundings and to notice things that they had passed over without a thought many times before. Thank you for an inspiring, educating and fun day!                  Continue Reading →

Jane’s Walk: Ears on the Street

Happy 100th birthday Jane Jacobs! We'll be celebrating with a walk in Vancouver. Join Mitchell Reardon as we indulge our auditory senses with a trip through Gastown, Chinatown and Railtown. Why do we often limit urban planning to buildings, streets and networks? What about sound and smell? Ears on the Street: You can hear a lot just by listening. May 7, 3:30 PM at Victory Square.Continue Reading →

A Future We Can’t Afford? Young City Makers and the Cost of Vancouver

On April 22, Metropolitan Collective is proud to present a Happy Hour evening at the Museum of Vancouver. Mitchell Reardon will be moderating a diverse panel of sharp young urbanists and activists who will be discussing some of the most pressing topics around Vancouver affordability, from the straight forward – renting, buying, should I stay or should I go? – to the complex – entitlement, Airbnb and who’s not in the room? Check out the event website and Facebook page for more info. Join us for an evening of drinks, free-wheeling discussion and…Continue Reading →

Public Space: The Living Room in Your Future Home

Population growth, skyrocketing real estate, new bike lanes and ambitions to become the Greenest City. Vancouver is undergoing a major transformation. To help make sense of it and inspire residents shape the change they want to see, the Urbanarium and Museum of Vancouver created an exhibition, Your Future Home: Creating the New Vancouver. Our Mitchell Reardon has been involved in the development and programming of the exhibition. He recently wrote about the central role that public space plays in the exhibition and the city for the Vancouver Public Space Network. The exhibition runs…Continue Reading →