About Us

Metropolitan Collective consists of individuals that share a holistic, people-first philosophy towards life and urban issues. Metropolitan Collective is inter-disciplinary by nature, an approach fostered through close cooperation between engineers, planners, architects and designers on every project. This integrated approach ensures that all relevant factors are considered in concert, maximizing outcomes efficiently, while eliminating potential conflicts between these related fields. We operate as a network of skilled and diverse individuals, building teams on a project-by-project basis. By working in flexible and project-specific teams, members of The Collective sustain their exposure to leading edge ideas, learning more about their respective disciplines, and in the process, strengthening Metropolitan Collective’s approach to urban issues.

Under the umbrella of city-making, Metropolitan Collective’s services include:

  • Tactical Urbanism
  • Urban Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Architecture
  • Integrate smart city technology into planning & design
  • Research
  • Urbanism & Engagement Workshops
  • Speaking Engagements
  • University Lectures
Mitchell Reardon

Mitchell Reardon Urban Planner, Researcher Vancouver, Canada

Working with urban issues from a diversity of perspectives, Mitchell Reardon is a city-maker informed through urban planning and research. Exploring the potentials for bottom-up holistic urbanism, Mitchell’s interdisciplinary work centres on people and how they live, work and move through the city. This approach centrally focuses on establishing connections among urban social issues, environmental sustainability, public engagement, physical planning and design from the neighbourhood to regional scale, urban economics, walking and biking. Mitchell is a Canadian/Austrian who recently moved back to Vancouver, after 6 years of living and working in Stockholm, Sweden.

Sebastien Goethals

Sebastien Goethals Architect, Urban Planner Shanghai, China

Sebastien Goethals is an architect and urban planner from Belgium that has dedicated his career to integrated and human-oriented urbanism in various urban environments in Europe, Asia, and Africa. His particular focus on low impact urban mobility and transport inspired his integrated solutions for transportation hubs, public spaces, mixed-used urban redevelopment, and cohesive communities. Based in Shanghai since 2009, he cooperates with local governments, institutes, and universities in China to create healthier and more resilient urban environments through the unprecedented urbanisation process of the country. He’s currently conducting research and projects about integrated urbanism and self-sufficient communities in emerging cities in Asia and Africa.

Daly Keenan Brown

Daly Keenan Brown Engineer Ottawa, Canada

Daly is a professional engineer based in Ottawa, ON, Canada. He received his degree from Carleton University in Computer Systems Engineering. As a graduate, he has worked in the field of Aerospace Systems Engineering integrating highly complex mission systems for airborne platforms. Outside of work, Daly has a keen interest in green technology and its role in sustainable development. His academic background and work experience provide him with a unique toolset in understanding the integration of city systems. He enjoys combining his academic background and work experience in Systems Engineering with his passion for sustainability to analyse and create sustainable communities.